【We are temporary closed】

Due to the measurement to prevent spreading of the corona virus, we decided to temporarily close the studio starting April 12 to provide online lesson until..we feel safe enough (planned at least till May 6).

Confession. I was scared that I might be forced to close (I mean, permanently) the studio if I choose to make that decision. We don’t even know how long it takes till things get back to normal…and of course, we need to keep paying the rent.

For those living outside Japan, we don’t have any government financial support yet.

At studio, I use Pilates apparatuses and training props. I can touch and correct when clients’ shoulders are too elevated.

Those things, I can’t do via Skype. Those who appreciated how they feel different after the session might not feel the same if it’s through Facetime.

When a client said “I don’t do online. Call me when you start studio lesson again”, I can’t tell you how much I wanted to say, “Oh then it’s okay, you can come to the studio. We can use masks”.

No one wants a wimpy trainer. Maybe I shouldn’t be posting this. Part of me wanted to play cool, but in this situation, being honest seems more important.

Then, I heard about my client’s mother in London. She has some kind of respiratory disorders and is ordered to stay home and practice social distances, meaning she has to be 6 feet away from her husband at home. From her husband! For at least 12 weeks…

A few days later, another client’s husband was told that his college had been infected. The couple needed to practice social distance till he was cleared.

Then, I heard the similar story from another client.

This virus is here. We can’t feel it, we can’t see it, but it’s just right there.

Yes, it’s super important that we don’t get infected and we don’t spread the virus to protect yourself and to protect the people you care about.

Thinking abut doctors, nurses, and those who have to keep working at supermarkets, drugstore, post office, etc., the least I can do is not to spread the virus.

One big and honest reason, even though it’s selfish, why I decided to temporarily close the studio is this. I can’t be 6 feet away from my loved one. I would do almost anything to reduce that risk.

And I feel the same for my clients. If studio lesson means the higher risk of them getting infected to be away from their family, forget it, it’s so not worth it.

Before things got this serious, I have been preparing for online lesson. I know, as a trainer, we all need to keep learning. And I did extra so they can feel great and satisfied even through video chat.

I am truly truly thankful that more than 85% of clients are taking lessons online and all are happy (with sore muscles lol).

The rest don’t hate me but can’t do online and promised to come back (please!) when things get back to normal. I do hope we all feel safe again, not so far from now.

Till then, I look forward to seeing you online. You can’t cheat during my lesson 🙂

★Happy testimonial★

Stay at home and build muscle 🙂


It’s been a little while since the last lesson and my shoulders were crazy stiff. After the online lesson, pain in the neck and shoulders are gone.

Although it’s through FaceTime, she pointed out in details what and how to correct my movements, and I felt almost as same doing lesson at studio.

Staying at home makes me eat more and move less. So I’m gonna keep taking lessons to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

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